The social network

Notice that Facebook do everything they can to prevent you from accessing a profile, sending a message, reading posts, unless you create a profile and are logged into Facebook yourself — and this even if the information is marked by users as:

                          ---> PUBLIC <---

Facebook is in a dilemma (like here I have to duplicate the post on a public blog despite, at the time, having marked this post as “public” on Facebook.)

On one hand they entertain a ‘privacy concept’ — Facebook could say that they ‘protect’ you against the open free internet by locking you into their system (while it in fact is more like an eel trap: easy to get in, hard to get out.)

But on the other hand they can not themselves respect your privacy.

They use opt-out, and not opt-in. And they use your friends and connections to force you in; you have to be there, for them. Facebook sits between you and them milking you for a profit. You are the cows, Facebook the industrial farmer.

In other words unless you, in for ordinary people impossible complex ways, can figure out how to say no, their data mining customers can basically fuck around with you in anyway they want to.. You can have vicious salespersons stuffing snake-oil concepts, like anti-vax, illegal logistics, scams or voting manipulations, down your, and in particular your friends, throat.

This definitely has the consequence of killing quite a number of people and creating turmoil.

The fundamental problem here is that either you abandon the social network model, or you accept that future societies will be ruled by them.

If so you should pose the question: should this be governed by the people, taken over by the national governments, or be controlled by private companies, tycoons, local kings, eccentric billionaires or warlords?

I think that is a very very serious problem that can not be ignored just for ‘the convenience’ of ‘having the thing’ to share a photo of your new kitten with.

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