March 2021

The poodle event

I made this drawing after an absurd encounter in my neighborhood. A young woman impressed me because she trained her poodle very cleverly and they seemingly had a real good connection. I have been into dog training. I was once married, and we had a West Highland White terrier, a male, with a independent personality, so to speak. We really loved that dog and took classes in dog training, got hooked on the technique of entirely positive motivation and no negative vibes such as yelling at it or the like. So when I saw this young lady handling her poodle so excellently in the middle of Parisian traffic and crowds then I smiled at her and wanted to talk about dog handling. She at first smiled back but never stayed long enough to initiate conversation. As time went by this became increasingly awkward and finally she turned to ice cold ignorance apparently taking my interest to be in her and not the handling and training of dogs (how could she know, we never talked?!)

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