Month: July 2021


Citron trees. On tiny salt lake. Hovering on glass. Why?

Snails eat citron trees but don’t swim in salt water.

Trees die if roots connect with salt water.

The lavender is just curious.

numen / IV.

“numen / IV.” is a short movie (c) by Ola Surdacka created in 2015 to “Collage I — traveling heavenward” (c)(r)(p) by me (Michael Nyvang.) Ola made this movie using only analog movie techniques. I consider these visuals the best ever made for this sound. She have my full endorsement for this work.

(†) The reason I emphasize copyright information is that this soundtrack was licensed in 2010 on a non-exclusive license to an Irish movie production company for a production for which ‘the movie’s overall sound design work’ received a major Irish award.

Colonial time view on Africa has got to stop

Projects ‘helping Africa’ with patronising air dropped rice and powdered milk is an european faux pas.

We need mutual respect, open borders and trade; this is long overdue.

I’m african.

I’m migrating.

I’m honest.

Soy gitano.

Brief note on sound composing and history

Some who may find their way into the work “Te quiero” may wonder about the title, the design of sound, the languages and so on.

It is not quite what it maybe looks like.

Let us take two examples:

In the begining you hear an answering machine.

However, every sound put in there was written down and then ‘performed’ from a score. ‘Beeps’ are not ‘beeps’ but someone whistling and so on.

Towards the end you hear what many will consider a foolish movie cliche: thunder.

However, there is no thunder. 

That sound does not at all originate from recordings of thunder. 

It is not from a ‘sample effect library’ nor is it from a field trip with funny hats recording hurricanes or whatever.

What it is is sound from a piano string manipulated with filters and distorted, composed from the material in ‘the movie.’

In fact all is contemplated like this. As a painting by Leonardo, a technique of meticulous drawing up from scratch on canvas: a vision so that in the end it may look like a ‘banale photo.’

Modal rituals no. 4

Modal rituals #4. From concert with the acoustic improvisation group project “No Standard Assembly” the 5th of December 2014 in Copenhagen. Jedrzej Lagodzinski (Ten. sax), Thomas Maintz (guitar), Anders Monrad (piano) and Franciszek Pospiezalski (double bass) and Michael Nyvang (alto sax)

Lost and found in Paris 2021

Book found abandoned in the trash after the book market at Parc Georges Brassens, Paris 15e, in France, closed this very Sunday night.

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