Look at the Moon

Midnight, seven days ago, the Moon … time passes … should you look at it now, from where you are, as I would here … from where I am … then we would be looking at it, together … #foryou ✌️⭐🌱😊 @michaelnyvang

Music I listened to: ”What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life” — 1970 UMG Recordings Inc. — 1970 – 71 — Album: “From left to right” — Bill Evans.

Proto digte – side 74 notesbog 7 – To Pharoah Sanders

Efter en tid
rammer en sangfugl plet
Hvis man er heldig
bliver man
melodisk transporteret
Ravnen har arbejdet
på det
En dag
Pharoah Sanders
opdagede raw sound
pure love
Det var umagen værd
Thank you
Pharoah thank you
Love is everywhere
love is
everywhere Pharoah
(Journey to …)

How to Patch a Hole in the Roof totally bio!

Buy dates from Algeria.

Find beautiful pot

Eat dates, appreciate!

Stuff all the seeds into carefully selected soil.

In 30 to 100 years from now a forest 40 meters of height will cover all roof topping needs you could ever dream up needing.

Problem solved :))))

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