Proto digte – side 74 notesbog 7 – To Pharoah Sanders

Efter en tid
rammer en sangfugl plet
Hvis man er heldig
bliver man
melodisk transporteret
Ravnen har arbejdet
på det
En dag
Pharoah Sanders
opdagede raw sound
pure love
Det var umagen værd
Thank you
Pharoah thank you
Love is everywhere
love is
everywhere Pharoah
(Journey to …)

Remember Anna Magdalena, remember this when you turn 58

J. S. Bach, the composer, died and left behind a wife who had given birth to 13 children. Anna Magdalena was an excellent musician; the composer, Bach, her husband, was one of historys most succesful, the family big, with ressources – what happened then to Anna?

According to wikipedia: “Anna Magdalena was left alone, with no financial support from family members, to care for herself and her two youngest daughters, plus her stepdaughter from Bach’s first marriage. Anna Magdalena became increasingly dependent upon charity and handouts from the city council, ultimately relying on public begging to survive. Probably her only child or stepchild who provided any support to her was her stepson Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, whose letters show he provided regular financial assistance. She died on the street on 27 February 1760, with no money at all” – 58 years old. Source:

Remeber this, remember Anna.

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