Got banned on Instagram for indecent hand over keyboard photo

Reader discretion advised: this post contains sarcasm.

So Instagram banned my account this morning due to this obviously (?) indecent hand over keyboard photo.

Indecent male hand hovering over keyboard insinuating outrageous musical activity

I had no idea the mere suggestion of me having a keyboard again was so shocking.

See, what happened – I was very touched about having finally acquired a keyboard after living without any piano or keys since 2018!

Too late did I realize that a male hand hovering over a sensible music instrument could be too much to handle for the Instagram community, or that, maybe, the fantasy of me again being able to inflict emotional havoc with my terrible music was so bad that it had to be stopped by all means?

I obviously disagreed with the decision. However in order to communicate my confusion Instagram give you no other option than to take a selfie and upload it to document that you are still you – blindly trusting that they wont viciously leak such unshaved early morning atrocity to dark and sinister purposes later,

Of course I wont comply with such dubious procedures!

And as the requirement for the selfie was to show my hands I quite naturally send them my “hands hovering over keyboard” thing instead (They did not go so far as to say “stick em up!”, but still, show your hands, take a picture of yourself… really, seriously?)

Now as I only very reluctantly have returned to social media recently I, sort of with a sigh of relief, have decided to use this occasion to stop having an Instagram account altogether,

I have a blog here, and even (still) another facebook account; besides I never really figured out what to do with Instagram that I couldn’t already do here.

So if you figure out to look here wondering why I have stopped following you on Instagram then you got your answer, it wasn’t about us!