Live! Now on some Sunday afternoons at: Le Marché du Livre Paris 15e

After all the COVID confinement, the frustrations, the insecurity about the job and a place to stay – to survive, and not loose courage then finally: I get out and begin to play live again!

After a shaky start alone (I almost didn’t make it out there; so long time ago, the sax needs repair badly – could I play at all? I was ridiculously nervous!)

However thanks to Bruno and Antoine from MarcheDuLivre.Paris I’m playing again! I reckon I soon could become a trio, why not? Do the smooth cool jazz standards. Like, say:’ll+Remember+April.mp3

It would fit in there and be good practice. In any case a big thank you to everybody for the amazingly warm welcome this Sunday!

Tune for Astrid (Elements of a theme developed while busking in Copenhagen 2015)