Citron trees. On tiny salt lake. Hovering on glass. Why?

Snails eat citron trees but don’t swim in salt water.

Trees die if roots connect with salt water.

The lavender is just curious.

numen / IV.

“numen / IV.” is a short movie (c) by Ola Surdacka created in 2015 to “Collage I — traveling heavenward” (c)(r)(p) by me (Michael Nyvang.) Ola made this movie using only analog movie techniques. I consider these visuals the best ever made for this sound. She have my full endorsement for this work.

(†) The reason I emphasize copyright information is that this soundtrack was licensed in 2010 on a non-exclusive license to an Irish movie production company for a production for which ‘the movie’s overall sound design work’ received a major Irish award.

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