Michael Nyvang

Mix 31

Mix31 (electronic – 2012)

Gongs and angels

Gongs and angels (alto sax and electronics from 2012)

My darlings

You know, they can object – your darlings, they may not always agree.


Precious (electronic – 2011)

More strange

More strange dings (electronic – 2013)

I am, but not on Facebook.

I am not on Facebook.

It is not because I don’t like you.

It is just that I don’t want to be on social media any more.

However it can happen you stumble on me briefly there.

But that rare event only occur when I have to create a temporary profile in order to send a mail to someone who do not respond to other means of communication.

So do not get offended if I don’t add you or respond to friend-add requests.

Send me an email instead.

My email is in the footer of my website here: nyvang.com/pose.

This is not a poem.

Why do we have to tell these things?